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Tremco Barrier Solutions - Homeowner Service Request

A service request cannot be performed without the warranty number
located at the top right hand corner of your warranty document.

 You must have your warranty number available when filling out a service request.

Please answer all questions to the best of your knowledge
*HSR's cannot be processed without the warranty number*

Warranty Number:
Address (Street):
Postal / Zip Code:
Daytime Phone:
Alternate Phone:
Date of Application if known:
Are you the first owner? Yes      No
Builder's Name:

Exterior basement wall construction? Poured Block  
Is your basement finished? Yes No     Partial
Do you have a dehumidifier? Yes No  
Moisture is evident at... Wall Wall / Floor seam
Is there a crack in the wall? Yes No  
     If Yes, does crack extend to top of wall? Yes No  
     If Yes, is it below a window? Yes No  
     If Yes, at a utility penetration? Yes No  
Condition of the wall is... Damp Wet  
Is there standing water on floor? Yes No  
Does the grade (ground) slope away from
the house?
Yes No  
Are the downspouts extended or in a ground pipe? Yes No  
Does the grade level extend above waterproofing? Yes No  
Is there an operating sump pump? Yes No  

or additional information:

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