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Homeowner Service Request - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have a cracked foundation wall. Do I contact TBS?
    Not unless it’s seeping or leaking. Cracking is a natural occurrence that’s caused by concrete curing or the foundation wall settling. If the crack is less than 1/16" wide and is leaking, contact TBS. If the crack is greater than 1/16" wide and is leaking, contact your builder.

  2. I have a crack in my basement floor. Do I contact TBS?
    No. Foundation waterproofing is not applied below the floor slab. Therefore, floor cracks through which moisture may be seeping is not a waterproofing issue. Contact your builder.

  3. Moisture is evident at the floor/wall intersection around the perimeter of the foundation wall. Do I contact TBS?
    No. Moisture presenting itself on the inside of the basement wall at the floor/wall intersection is likely caused by a drainage problem. Contact your builder.

  4. There’s a white substance appearing on my wall. Is this a waterproofing problem?
    No. The white powdery substance is called efflorescence, and is caused by minerals within the concrete that migrate to the dry side of the wall. So long as there is no obvious moisture associated with the white substance, it is not a waterproofing issue.

  5. My crawlspace is leaking or damp. Do I contact TBS?
    Crawlspaces are usually not warranted unless there’s a concrete floor under part of the foundation. If there’s a concrete floor, contact TBS. Crawlspace walls adjoining living space (i.e., a full-height basement) are typically waterproofed.

  6. The beam pocket is cracked and leaking. Do I contact TBS?
    A beam pocket is a groove or a cut-out near the top of the foundation wall in which a steel support beam is placed during construction. Contact TBS.

  7. There’s no visible crack, but I have leaking from the basement window. Do I contact TBS?
    No. Check to see if your window seal is leaking. If so, contact your builder.

  8. There’s a damp or moist area at the top of the basement wall. Do I contact TBS?
    No. The moisture may be coming from landscaping that is overgraded, and is above the point at which the waterproofing ends. Contact your builder.

  9. There’s mud or clay coming through a crack in the wall. Do I contact TBS?
    If the crack is less than 1/16” wide, please contact TBS. If the crack is greater than 1/16” wide, please contact your builder.

  10. There’s water on the floor, but none on the walls. Do I contact TBS?
    No. Check first to see if your sump pump (if a sump pump is installed) is operating correctly. If not, it should be repaired or replaced immediately. If there is no sump pump, then the issue may be caused by drainage problems. Contact your builder.

  11. There’s a moisture stain on the basement wall. Do I contact TBS?
    No. Unless there’s an active leak or damp area, this may not be a waterproofing issue.

  12. There are moisture problems with my basement walls. I have a working sump pump. Do I contact TBS?

  13. My downspouts empty directly into the ground, and do not direct the flow of water away from the foundation. Do I contact TBS?
    No. If your downspouts drain directly into the soil at the bottom of the downspout, correct the issue by extending the downspout at least 10 feet away from the foundation wall, or connect the downspout into an exterior drainage system.

  14. Water is entering through a utility penetration. Do I contact TBS?
    No. The terms of the warranty do not cover utility penetrations made after the waterproofing is applied. Contact your builder

  15. I was told there may be a service charge for the waterproofing company to conduct an in-house inspection and evaluation. Isn’t that covered under the warranty?
    No. Service charges from independent contractors, whether the product or system is currently under warranty, are common and are separate from any warranted or unwarranted foundation waterproofing service. The contractor cannot assess the source of moisture in your basement until he visits your home and conducts an on-site evaluation. If the source of moisture is determined to be a result of failure of a TBS product or system, then the cost of the repairs to remedy the leakage will be covered under the warranty. If it is determined that the cause is not related to TBS products or systems, then the contractor may advise you on appropriate, non-warranted repair options.

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