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Educational Services
Tremco Barrier Solutions Helps Protect Your Homes
From Energy and Comfort Losses…and Helps Protect Your Bottom Line

Informational and educational series from Tremco Barrier Solutions helps you  

  1. Understand that you can avoid significant construction problems, and appeal to more home buyers, by using building products and systems that protect your homes from moisture intrusion, thermal loss and wasted energy;
  2. Enhance the performance of your home with only minor, and often less costly, changes to your construction process;
  3. Improve your profitability without increasing your per-home selling price

Our short series of 9 informational and educational topics will help you understand some of the steps you can take to build better, and more profitably. We'll cover topics that include

  • Moisture management for below- and above-grade walls
  • The moisture, thermal and energy benefits of preventing air leaks
  • What should a weather-resistant barrier do for you?
  • Measuring the energy performance of your home with HERS

Issue 1: Tremco Barrier Solutions Educational Series
Issue 2: Connecting to a Global Specialty Coatings Leader
Issue 3: Your Wall Envelope – Footer to Eave Line: Problem or Opportunity?
Issue 4: Moisture is the Enemy – How to Control the Wet!
Issue 5: Moisture Management Below Ground…Making Sure Your Basement is an Asset You Can SELL!
Issue 6: What Should You expect from Your Weather-Resistive Barrier (WRB) System?
Issue 7: Stopping Air Leaks…How Tight Is Right?
Issue 8: The HERS Rating System. How Low Can You Go?
Issue 9: Give Your Buyers What They Want – At A Cost You Can Afford

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