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Sample Warranties

Knowing that your investment in waterproofing is protected by a warranty can bring great peace-of-mind. But warranties can be very different in what they cover. Warranties for our waterproofing products, for example, are performance warranties - not merely product warranties like some competitors provide. (See "Terms of Coverage" below for more details.) So be sure to consider and compare these factors when evaluating a warranty offer:

  • Length of coverage: This is the main feature that most warranties tout, and what many homeowners don't look beyond. You should not only see how long the waterproofing product stands behind its performance, but check on whether the product has a history of performance longer than the term being offered. Also, make sure the warranty is transferable. A strong warranty should be valid regardless of who owns the home.

  • Dollar coverage: Combined with the length of coverage, this attribute defines a warranty's true strength. What's the maximum dollar limit allowed to correct problems? A warranty may offer a lengthy period of coverage but minimal allowances for actual cost.

  • Terms of coverage: What does the warranty offer to correct claims? Merely more of the product that failed? Materials and labor for replacement? Damage resulting from water seepage? Be sure to know exactly what's covered and how a claim will be handled. With TBS Select Waterproofing Contractors and technical representatives, you'll never be left to handle a problem alone.

  • Source of coverage: A warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it. It helps little to have 10-year coverage from a company that's gone in two years. Tremco Barrier Solutions has built a solid reputation since 1983...and still going strong.

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