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Bonus Space: Room for Value.

  • 54% of today's consumers say they want a full basement in their new homes. You can significantly increase your family's living area, with little or no impact on your plans for the above-ground space.
  • Basement space can be developed at about half the cost of upstairs space offering endless opportunities for luxury living.
    • Home Theater
    • Guest Suite
    • Home Office
    • Playroom
  • Basements add an average $23,000 to a new home's property value
How Will You Transform Your Basement?

When you include a basement in your new home's design, just think of the possibilities all that space provides. You can significantly increase your family's living area, with little or no impact on your plans for the above-ground space.

Better still, you can enjoy the spacious square footage of a basement for about half the cost of adding the same amount of upstairs living space.

And best of all, today's basements offer endless opportunities for luxury living. After the space is reliably protected from moisture by TUFF-N-DRI® Basement Waterproofing System, you can transform the space with confidence.

Make The Most of Your Basement Space.

Create a theater-quality home cinema. Build a luxurious guest suite that rivals any five-star hotel. Add a home office with plenty of room to get the job done. Design a playroom with enough space to let kids be kids. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. Especially when you observe some simple yet important design considerations.

Some design choices for luxury basements are similar to those you make for upstairs living space – wall finishes, ceiling treatments, carpet and furniture are each important.

  • Basement Entrance: Basement stairs are often in, or adjacent to, the kitchen and flow into the middle of the basement. This arrangement reduces the usable floor space in a basement layout. Instead, consider placing the stairway along a basement wall to maximize the downstairs floor space. Placing the stairway off a main entrance or living area also offers good circulation for guests if you use the basement for entertaining.
  • Stairway: The basement stairway can be as attractive or dramatic as the main stairway of a two-story home. Consider hardwoods with decorative newel posts and handrails for a rich traditional look. Or introduce wrought iron into your stairway design to bring a bit of the garden indoors. Finishing the walls of the basement stairway like the above grade walls helps add interest, appeal and a smooth transition from the upstairs to the basement.
  • Ceiling: Many basement designs now include 9- and 10-foot ceilings. Higher ceilings help to open up a room and create more appealing basement space.
  • Windows: When you picture a basement, windows may be the last feature that comes to mind. But with the proper window wells, you can add daylight windows that are the same size as above ground windows. Bringing sunlight into your basement can help the space look more natural and help create a cheerful gathering place.
  • Lighting: If windows for natural sunlight aren’t compatible with your basement plans, lighting packages are available to keep your basement space cheery. Or you can create just about any mood with the right lighting. Consider variations in lighting to emphasize certain areas or accent dimensions. Recessed or track ceiling lighting, for instance, can highlight personal collections or create warm conversation areas. Or install automated dimmer switches with remote control to add an impressive cinematic feel to your basement home theater.
  • Fireplace: A fireplace can be right at home in the basement as well as in any other room. This cozy touch not only adds light and warmth, it can serve as a room’s focal point. Consider installing a flue at the time of construction, and the fireplace will be prepared for finishing whenever you’re ready.
  • Walk-Out: Walk-out basements are gaining popularity in new homes. Generally built on a sloping site that exposes the basement to the outside, a walk-out allows for maximum sunlight and convenient access for indoor-outdoor entertaining. A walk-out basement can lead to a terrace, patio or deck that unites two major entertainment areas of your home.
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