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A Better Bottom Line Begins in the Basement

  • About 70% of the foundation waterproofing market is untapped, leaving a wide-open opportunity for you to make money.
  • As a Select Barrier Solutions Contractor, you can offer leading brands of Tremco waterproofing products for strong sales appeal.
  • You and your crew will receive on-site training prior to becoming a select contractor and ongoing technical support from our technical representatives.
  • Qualified sales leads and professional marketing support can help you generate business and grow your success.
Get In On The Ground Level

A full two-thirds of today's homebuyers say they want a basement in their new homes. Many of the homebuyers plan on transforming that basement space into luxury living space -- adding a home theater, guest suite, home office or something equally enticing. But first, they must protect their investment with reliable waterpoofing for the long term.

Homebuyers are just beginning to learn the value of waterproofing over other foundation treatment options. That's one reason why about 70% of the market is still open to waterproofing opportunity. And why you can get in on the ground level of a profitable waterproofing business.

Best of all, Tremco Barrier Solutions offers you a true partnership, not a franchise. There are no annual fees or hidden costs.

Offer Leading Brands and Strong Warranties

As a Select Barrier Solutions Contractor, you can sell TUFF-N-DRI®, North America's #1 brand of new construction waterproofing. It's a product that has been the brand leader among builders since 1997.

In addition, you'll be able to offer WATCHDOG WATERPROOFING® and WATCHDOG + Armor® -- two membrane-only products that help meet a range of needs in your market.

Each of these waterproofing products is backed by a strong transferable performance warranty. And that's another great feature adding to their sales appeal.

Get Technical Training and Support

You say you know nothing about the waterproofing business? No prior experience is required. Prior to becoming a Select Barrier Solutions Contractor, you and your crew will get hands-on, on-site technical training from our technical representatives.

Your territory manager will serve as your personal consultant for all facets of your waterproofing operations. He can help your business grow and prosper by increasing your efficiency in financial organization, marketing and selling.

When you have questions, we provide prompt answers. In addition to your territory manager, our account representatives and customer service specialists are just a phone call away.

Drive Sales With Marketing Support

When you're ready to begin as a Select Barrier Solutions Contractor, we'll help make sure the market knows you're open for business.

Our national ads for both TUFF-N-DRI® and WATCHDOG WATERPROOFING® products help generate hot leads in your area. We also offer a co-op marketing program tailored to your business that includes complete truck decal packages, site signs and business cards to help you promote your efforts. Plus an arsenal of sales materials at no cost to you.

Your territory manager can provide further assistance in helping you market successfully in your region.

Become a Partner

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